Specialized Torch 3.0 Road Sko


rom the outset of the Torch 3.0 Road shoe design process, our goal was to create a performance offering as feature-packed as any top-end shoe. The challenge, however, was pulling this off at a palatable price. In order to achieve this, we utilized three strategically placed materials on the uppers that are welded together—TPU and mesh in the front and synthetic leather in the rear. This makes for a more comfortable and supportive front of the shoe. A stiff rear and heel cup, meanwhile, lock down your heel and keep all of your watts going into the pedals as efficiently as possible. This refined upper is combined with our legendary FACT carbon fibre sole to further ensure an efficient power transfer. Finally, we topped the Torch 3.0 off with two Boa® S2-SV Snap dials for zonal closure, and a precise fit that leads to all-day comfort.

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