Sigma Buster 300 forlygte

300 Lummen 
103 Gram
Genopladelig via USB
Item type Front light
Item name Buster 300
Description Buster 300 is small, durable and just right for off-road trips. With a 70m range compact Buster 300 will light the way through the city or the woods.
Product info 4 modes, charge time 3h, IPX4 splash resistance, tool-free mounting, two-stage battery/charge indicator, charging possible during operation
Color Black
Power source USB rechargeable
Battery Li-ion
Light source CREE LED
Run time front 1,5-13h
Lumen 300 (power), 150 (std), 70 (eco)
Visibility front 70 m
Other Adapter for action camera bracket included
Weight 103 g
Package 1
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